Adonai Christian Academy Online provides a private, Christian, college preparatory program without physical limitations. ACA, a private, independent, college preparatory academy founded in 2009. With the rising need for Online education, ACA’sunderstanding of the growing trend bringswith it, standards of excellence in online Christian education while shaping minds for leadership and hearts for service.





Our Mission

To educate the whole person for the glory of God through devotion to Biblical principles in an environment that expects personal accountability, encourages self-actualization, and promotes community service.

Adonai Christian Academy offers a fully accredited program from Kindergarten all the way to grade twelfth grade. With ourhome-school online program for grades 3 to 12 all student work is available on their computer. The school’s curriculum is a College Preparatory Program preparing students for their next step as they work toward high school graduation. For our students in Kindergarten to 2nd grade we use a print curriculum and have our own ACA Daily Lesson Planner which guides the students as to the amount of work to be done each day, thereby, allowing the student to complete his/her school year on your schedule.  In our K-12, the home is the primary teacher and you have an experienced ACA resourceful teacher for your questions. You will find the Adonai Christian Academy experience designed to meet your homeschooler needs

ACA students from public, private, or home schools can take one or more courses from anywhere in the world for credit recovery, enrichment, remediationcollege counseling guidance, or AP offerings.